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1C Grand Avenue

Camellia NSW 2142

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For all job enquiries, please contact us at - estimating@emocivil.com.au

For 30 years we have proudly worked with the country’s leading construction contractors and developers.


A bit about us

We are excavation and demolition experts, earth movers and full service civil contractors.
We have a passion for big machines. We demolish what’s there then move the earth around so that each site takes on a new shape and is ready for a new beginning. 
We've been in business for over 30 years and built a solid reputation for pulling out all stops, digging deep and going beyond all expectations to deliver outstanding results.
On time and on budget.

'E.M.O. Civil has built a solid reputation amongst our project managers.

On site they have a great, positive attitude to ‘get in and get it done’, and as such they have become an important part of our team. We like that they take ownership of any problem and work to fix it, no questions asked.'

Sean Gibbeson

Director & General Manager FDC Construction (NSW)