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For all job enquiries, please contact us at - estimating@emocivil.com.au

our leadership team

Fundamental to successful project delivery is relationships, teamwork and clear, open communications – we all need to be on the same page, working together, digging deep and going beyond. That’s our motto and we live by it every day.

Whilst we have the infrastructure to take on very large contracts like Wet ‘n Wild or the William Inglis racing and sales facility at Warwick Farm, we have the agility and flexibility of a family owned and operated company.


Our team is led by our founder and Managing Director Steve Emerton, who is involved in each and every project to ensure everyone is accountable. Steve is supported by a core leadership team who have worked together for many years on a breadth of projects resulting in shared construction and project management knowledge. Together they have over two centuries of combined experience!

Steve emerton

'We're only as good as our last job, so we  think ahead and are always meticulous.'

Steve cirillo

'Time and efficiency is what makes us valuable to our clients’

norm gibson

‘My 40 YEARS experience gives me a deep insight into the financial workings of projects’